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Bridging the gap between those physically attending an event and those who wish to get involved digitally isn’t difficult or expensive. Using a live twitter wall you can easily project the digital conversation live into the room allowing your physical delegates and those who have digitally attended to interact with your event and each other in real time.

What is a ‘twitter wall’?

There are many different ways that people may refer to what we call a twitter wall. Other names include: Twitter feed, twitter stream and twitter fountain.  In short it is simply a website that displays tweets in real time, based on keywords, usernames or hashtags.

Why should I use a twitter wall at my event?

Some of the key benefits of using a live twitter wall at your event or meeting:

  1. It creates an additional layer of engagement to your event
  2. It enables engagement between physical and digital delegates
  3. It allows you to increase your reach and extend conversations beyond the physical event time
  4. It enables greater transparency and access
  5. It’s measurable – using social media analytical tools you can report back on activity and reach.

But with so many options available how do you know which live twitter feed tool to use? It really comes down to personal preference.

Our top 3 live twitter streams, feeds, walls and fountains

1. Wall of Silver

This clever tool not only displays tweets in a super slick interface, but also displays images. The wall creates a dynamic tapestry of tweets that will change as the conversation develops.

2. Twitter Fontana

Twitter Fontana is a neat simple tool that gives you the ability to customize the display animation.  

3. TweetBeam

This tool has a very similar interface to Wall of Silver, creating an ever changing wall of avatars as the conversation develops.   


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