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Business Intelligence and Informatics

What we can offer

We are here to help you to identify commissioning opportunities, manage your plans and evaluate the impact of decisions on your patients, local population and service providers. Using highly specialist skills, analytical expertise and our cutting edge Aristotle Portal reporting tool, commissioners have access to insightful health and social care data to support service transformation and deliver the best experience for patients.

Why you should choose us

We work with our clients to understand their specific needs and adapt our service accordingly. All of our products and services are underpinned by secure management and processing of healthcare data. This ensures that you receive timely and insightful data, so that commissioning decisions can be made with confidence.

How we can help

Our offer includes:

  • A wide range of reports to enable you to monitor and forecast activity, spend, performance and outcomes in your health economy
  • Comprehensive and detailed benchmarking against national and local peers to understand and evaluate commissioning opportunities
  • Bespoke analysis to help you to predict demand and make the best decisions when it comes to planning and investment
  • Real-time urgent care and risk stratification tools to identify where need is greatest so that you can offer targeted clinical interventions that improve patient outcomes

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