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Information Management and Technology

Our promise to you and your business: We provide professional Information Management and Technology services and solutions that will empower your organisation and give you peace of mind. 

How we help your business

Our service catalogue includes everything you need to provide for and support your day to day operational needs. Our job is to make sure your operational Information Management and Technology systems effortlessly work for you 24/7. We also offer cutting-edge solutions that help you take advantage of modern technologies to improve your efficiency and effectiveness.

What we do:

  • Cloud solutions and virtual server provision: office documents securely available any time, anywhere. Consolidated ‘virtual’ server solutions that give you flexibility and scalability.
  • Infrastructure plan, design, build and maintain: we provide organisations with end-to-end stable, flexible and scalable IT infrastructure.
  • Network: manage, protect and optimise your data and telephony traffic – the fabric of your organisation.
  • Data storage and backup: data control, management and NHS data security compliance. Disaster recovery and business continuity services and consultancy.
  • IT Security: equipment, data, network, email and web, 24/7, 360 degree protection.
  • IT support desk and support engineers: support users with their day-to-day IT issues. Friendly, fast and effective.
  • Procurement and asset management: IT equipment specification, procurement and asset management.
  • Capacity planning, IT health checks and reporting: supporting you to proactively identify and mitigate potential problems.
  • IT training: offering a wide range of courses to suit your needs from basic IT skills to advanced clinical systems and soft skills training.

Information Management and Technology and systems training

The award-winning Information Management and Technology training team at Midlands and Lancashire CSU are pleased to offer you a wide range of training courses to suit your needs; from basic IT skills training through to advanced Microsoft applications, clinical systems and soft skills training. The team has a wealth of experience across all sections of the NHS and within a commercial environment, deploying large scale clinical systems, national corporate systems, basic and key skills support and Microsoft Office products training.

The Information Management and Technology Training team are accredited to offer Microsoft Office Specialist Exams and for the past two years have received a centre of excellence award in recognition of the work undertaken.

We are able to provide a full training service including:

  • Production of organisational, departmental or project level training strategy
  • Full training planning for large system deployments
  • Organisation, departmental or project level training needs analysis
  • Fully centralised booking and training administration service.
  • End user training environment configuration and management
  • Bespoke training sessions

Our fully contextualised training ensures that learners are able to use the system in a practical way, taking account of business process:

  • Coaching and mentoring
  • Floor walking and post course support
  • Product experts and systems support
  • Bespoke e-learning design and development
  • Microsoft Office Specialist Examinations
  • Full training evaluation and feedback

We offer a fully blended approach to learning, using the following approaches:

  • Classroom-based training
  • One-to-one or group sessions
  • On-site classroom training using our remote training solution
  • Remote, webinar style training sessions
  • E-learning

The team have recently provided training in the following areas:


  • iPM (NCRS)
  • SystmOne
  • EMIS Web
  • Oasis
  • DocMan
  • Choose and Book
  • Child Health
  • Map Of Medicine
  • Summary Care Record


  • ISFE (SBS)
  • Big Hand – Digital Dictation
  • Office 365
  • SharePoint
  • MiCS
  • IPT (Internet telephony)
  • Electronic Staff Record (ESR)
  • Basic IT Skills
  • IROS (Integrated Requisitioning and Ordering System)
  • Full Microsoft Office – including Publisher, Visio and Project
  • Office 2003 – 2007/2010 conversion

So often good quality training is seen as a barrier and an optional extra rather than a business critical, essential activity. We aim to work in harmony with you to provide a competitively priced, seamless training service, enabling your staff to perform their roles quickly, efficiently and to a high standard. Investing in staff through good quality training will not only boost morale and contribute to staff retention but will also improve the performance of the organisation as a whole. Successful companies train successful people.

Data Collection and Reporting Service (DCRS)

DCRS is a secure national data collection and reporting service that is used by more than 60 public health service organisations nationally. Its integrated bespoke software solution provides simple user interfaces that collect and track clients, the data of which is processed into operational and strategic reporting upon which commissioners measure service levels and quantify benefits. The standard DCRS service level agreement includes all system maintenance, user support and further system development. DCRS is a one-stop shop enabling customers to concentrate on service delivery and quickly quantify their benefits.

Why DCRS is useful:

  • Simple: easy to use web interface for data entry and reports.
  • Scope: fully scalable nationally and able to record data for different service types.
  • Accessibility: any NHS connected site or remotely through physical security tokens. (A centralised, fully secured database, housed in a county of the art NHS data centre.)
  • Support: centrally managed and supported by dedicated staff.
  • Reports: highly cost-efficient and effective data reporting that empowers decisions, with more than 1,000,000 report definitions available.
  • Integration: data extract functionality that integrates with data warehouse systems.
  • Fully configurable: each service can fully localise its own dataset.

The DCRS team also work closely alongside all customers to design ongoing software additions and improvements that suit and benefit all. The DCRS is ultimately a single shared service that integrates county-of-the-art security systems and third party tools so that everyone benefits. More recent IT system strategy, working in collusion with clients, has seen the system successfully migrated and actively expanded to flexibly record and report data for a much wider range of public health services. This development now allows commissioner customers to consolidate to a single data recording and reporting system to leverage significant efficiency and effectiveness benefits.

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